Trakterm is leading-edge technology provider in MEA Region specializing in Biometrics and Secure Identity, Barcoding & Data Capture, Smart Cities and Industrial Digitization .

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Trakterm Identity & Security | Face Recognition

People Identification & Security

TRAKTERM is leading-edge biometrics solution provider. Specializing in facial and palm vein recognition and secure ID printing and issuance technologies. With deep knowledge and expertise implementing several business use cases in different sectors.

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Connected Supply Chain |

Barcode & Data Capture

Combining our solutions with  Zebra solutions portfolio, we empower those on the front line in retail, warehousing, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and more to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.

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Trakterm | Safe & Smart Cities

Smart & Safe Cities

Trakterm provides you with an expanded range of security and management functions in an urban environment, pertinent to law enforcement, surveillance, access control, traffic management…

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Industrie 4.0 |

Industrie 4.0

We’ll work with you to develop the right Digitization strategy towards Industrie 4.0 to ensure that your company will be able to focus on what’s important

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AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera

Body worn cameras for everyone

Body worn cameras for everyone

  • Always sharp video and clear audio
  • Up to 17 hours operating time
  • Location tracking
  • Automatic recording activation
  • Klick Fast™ System

SAFR Facial Recognition platform

The premier facial recognition solution for live video

SAFR is a highly accurate, AI facial recognition platform that is optimized for excellence in accuracy and performance for live video.

SAFR is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to instantly detect and match millions of faces in near real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured.

SAFR can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of IP cameras, or scaled to thousands of cameras in a distributed architecture – hosted on premises or hybrid cloud

CP500 Secure ID Cards Printer

The world’s most advanced retransfer 600dpi pigment ink desktop printing solution for identification card and personalized access management solutions.

The CP500 can personalize Secure Contactless, Contact and Magnetic Stripe Identification Retransfer print process enables edge-to-edge printing and the use of programmed primers over specific areas to allow for chip technology and encoded data anywhere on the card without requiring cut-outs to lamination.

CP500 Secure ID Printer | Trakterm

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TRAKTERM provides excellent project management to ensure all our clients' requirements are fulfilled.

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Our Service-Team provides comprehensive training programs

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Our hardware and software-experts are available for your requests about our solutions at all times.


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