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We provide governments and organizations with best-in-class face recognition Platform & Services … Works with virtually any IP camera provider or camera-enabled device. … Easily add facial recognition into your existing application, with robust API/SDKs.  

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What we can do for you ?

Face Authentication

We help you make accessing services on personal devices safer, faster and easier through our privacy-compliant face authentication

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Face Recognition Secure Access Control

Wherever access control is required, we can help you allow staff, employees, or guests to identify themselves with just their face. At home, at work, in a shared space, in a stadium or other venue. A face can unlock a door and register a visit. Secure access is a our popular use case 

Analytics & Insights

We help you get an integrated understanding of traffic, pathing, gender, age, and even the sentiment of your visitors. Actionable data for live analytics include traffic volumes, demographic composition, dwell times, and data exports for further reporting. Insights can help with scheduling, traffic flow, staffing, signage, merchandising and more.

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Threat Detection

Detect and create an alert if a person who is recorded as a known threat appears at an area monitored by video cameras.


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SAFR Platform

A highly accurate, machine learning facial recognition platform, architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to detect and match millions of faces in real time.

SAFR is distinguished from other facial recognition platforms by accuracy, performance, and flexibility.

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