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Intuitive Surveillance, Intelligent Authority

Smart Patrol is an integrated, modular and scalable solution designed to assist and empower law enforcement agencies in surveillance and crime prevention efforts. The solution’s single design incorporates advanced, market-leading Automatic Plate Number Recognition cameras, 360 degrees surveillance, facial recognition, speed detection, and innovative software.
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Mobile ANPR

  • Accurate readings for up to 7 concurrent lanes in various light and weather conditions
  • Identification of blacklisted vehicles
  • Support of international plate numbers including Arabic numeric

Video Surveillance

  • Ultra wide-angle surveillance up to 360 degrees with full HD
  • Live streaming and recording
  • Wide dynamic range for greater scene detail
  • Adjustable video settings to suit surveillance requirements
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Speed Detection

  • Accurate measurement of any vehicle for speed violation issuance
  • Timely triggering of the appropriate ANPR camera
  • Accurate detection during the movement and parking of the police car
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Face Recognition

  • Simultaneous Multiple Face Capture & Recognition
  • Adding people and images to Watch lists and set custom alarms for matches
  • Real-time, high-accuracy comparison of two or more face samples simultaneously

In-Vehicle System

A comprehensive structure of cutting-edge sub-systems available to the officers in the vehicle through a feature-rich touchscreen interface.

  • Mobile ANPR
  • Video Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Speed Detection
  • Client Application and Dashboard
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Command and Control System

Remotely provides law enforcement operations and command centers with a wide range of functions embedded into a platform designed to ensure the smooth flow and management of surveillance and crime detection operations.

Integration with Law Enforcement Databases

Provides the in-vehicle system with the database of flagged vehicles and people of interest.

The database can be downloaded into the in-vehicle system, or it can be live via 3G, LTE or GPRS.

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