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5 Best Practices for Face Recognition |
People Identification & Security

Top 5 Best Practices for Face Recognition Implementation

Every week, we read articles with dire warnings about the dangers of facial recognition. Sometimes, they report on abuse, like authoritarian governments using the technology to quash dissent. More frequently, these articles highlight the potential for abuse.

Facial recognition |
People Identification & Security

5 Ways SAFR Excels at Facial Recognition for Live Video — and Why You Should Care

Live video captures wild images: faces in motion (prone to blur); faces in poor lighting conditions (including shadows; faces at varying angles, tilt, and yaw); faces partially obscured (by makeup, glasses, hats, and facial hair). Adding to the complexity, there are often many of these wild images on live video feeds at once. These are some of the challenges to achieving accurate facial recognition in real-world conditions.


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