Industrie 4.0 is a central topic at every company, and the necessary technologies are now available. However, here are the questions you must ask yourselves: Where do you start your digital transformation journey? At which costs? What do you already have? What do you need? How can you distinguish the disrupting technologies from the nice-to-have for my business?

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Is your production ready for Industrie 4.0?

The fourth industrial revolution is presenting many companies with new challenges.

We help you transform your Long-used production processes to more flexible ones, throughput times shortened, and products produced specifically for customers. Here, Industrie 4.0 does not call into question everything that has been done previously in the production and logistics sectors. 
Based on the relevant production concepts, Trakterm experts will formulate customer-specific paths to Industrie 4.0.

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Smart Factory

Production and logistics that work together as if by magic? Machines that report maintenance requirements in timely fashion, and clear cockpits that provide information easily about current performance in production? Such scenarios are no longer dreams of the future. The experience of valantic precisely at the interface between process and IT allows us to work with you to blaze and smooth your path to your own smart factory. As your partner, we will work for and with you to develop your IT and processes.

Lean Logistics

Thanks to the focus on core competencies in logistics and the consistent prevention of waste, numerous logistics processes have been set up efficiently in recent years. And also in recent years, the optimization of logistics processes has been done according to Trakterm's proven lean principles hand in hand with IT. Efficient and robust processes are the essential prerequisite for Industrie 4.0 initiatives. Aspects such as automation, collaboration of man and machine, and wide-ranging transparency always rely on reliable processes. Lean logistics is not becoming less important due to Industrie 4.0; instead, it is the first building block along the way.

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Logistics 4.0

Omni-channel concepts, permanent tracking of the location and state of the goods, and short lead times from the B2C world are currently making their way into B2B business processes. Material flows, processes, and IT must all be prepared in equal measure. Innovative solutions in the stock and production sectors can result in a faster return on investment and have a long-term positive effect on developments. Trakterm will work with you to define the steps for your company on the path to excellent and transparent logistics processes and assist you with the selection and implementation of the most appropriate IT solutions.

You want to realize Industrie 4.0 ?

Get to know the range of digital opportunities across your entire value chain: From the very first steps, we’ll support you on your path to the Digital Enterprise. 

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